Monthly Letter

1st January 2024 by Rev Kate Plant

I am hiding in my study feeling a bit sad – two friendly Tree surgeons have arrived to deal with the Rectory trees. A kind of cherry orchard has arisen to the west – a nut wood to the east. I have to remember the house doesn’t belong to me and that future residents may not wish to live deep in a forest.

To be honest the cherries had begun to crowd around the windows. I do need light - particularly in January. And whilst I don’t want to go outside because I fear to catch the eye of a outraged blackbird or see the long tailed tits leave – if I am honest as well as feeling sad – I am also a little bit excited. Because when you change levels of light in the garden – different things happen. Perhaps the ox eye daisies which have been very limp will come back stronger – perhaps there will be a new plant bringing new invertebrates.

Skulking in my study gave me the opportunity to tidy it – and clear some things out. There is space now for perhaps something new in here – a clear desk for books I haven’t read – a clear carpet for maybe some Taichi! Or handstand! (no, not hand stands).

Obviously this particular priest is never going to be one that recommends you cut back your trees, but it does occur to me that there are other things we can cut back, clear up and out to increase the levels of light – in our thinking and doing. Not just as individuals but in our life together.

Maybe some wonderful new things will emerge and what has been limp might grow stronger. If sermons or vicars letters were shorter for example we could have discussions maybe. Or even time for silence.