Welcome to St Matthew’s Church in Morley, Derbyshire.

Well I have finally got here – and such a welcome no one ever had. I was nervous before my Licensing and very grateful to friends travelling from Lincolnshire to support me. But actually everyone was so warm and happy and kind, and all went well. We received the most lovely hamper full of just what is needed on arrival in a new home and I have spent the first week of being here overwhelmed by the beauty of the place, the three churches and spring – perhaps early summer, breaking upon us.

In the midst of so many blessings, I can’t help feeling concerned about how much I have been given and remember that so many have so little in comparison. Living in places where there are no trees to marvel at, or gardens to sit in, perhaps struggling for friends or income or even warmth during these still cold nights. I do look forward to a summer of bounty but I also pray, as we all might, that we are open to ways through which we can share the gifts we are given.

I want to say thank you; Thank you to God, thank you to Bishop Jan and Archdeacon Christopher for letting me come and thank you to all who have made my family and I so very welcome.

I look forward to meeting more and more of you, hearing about your lives and learning the ways the thread of God’s presence runs through them.
A happy June to you all! And THANK YOU!


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