Welcome to St Matthew’s Church in Morley, Derbyshire.

Our Harvest thanksgiving was gathered as follows:

Thank you for each day, Morning, Noon and Night, for GIFTS of sight, SMELL, hearing, touch, speech, for LIFE, the joy of waking up, for Rugby, for England, for our existence and well being.

For my partner, for FAMILY, community, FRIENDS, loved ones, beautiful COLOURS, being well fed and being loved. For care, help, having peace, for the HARVEST, for all things GOLDEN and conkers.

For the JOY of giving and receiving and nature and LEAVES. For the smell of a baby, of new bread, of toast. For warm cuddles, music and our house of prayer. For church, stew, gin fresh air, BMW and sharing.

For so much Parents, workmates, shelter, being happy and for memories. For smiles, fertile soil, talking to friends, helpers to sow and reap and that we can turn to the Lord for help.

The WARMTH to ripen the harvest and the food we need to feed our nation. For our village, pizza and chocolate and horses. For remembering a lovely summer, hugs, crops the farmers have brought in, sleep, chicken, silken tofu, seasons and healthy living.

For food for souls, food for bodies, enough wealth , freedom of speech and fellowship within the church. For water, SUN, TREES, bread, animals, crunchy leaves and making chutney. For dew, blackberries, porridge, holidays and good food, end of mowing and the sky.

That God hears our prayers. For digging up potatoes, the smell in the greenhouse, sons, daughters, TV, children, picking apples and much needed RAIN.

Making bonfires, football season, berries and the garden robin following me around. For FLOWERS, Mothers, good neighbours, contentment, tools, vegetables and my pet cat. For Sun and rain together, coastlines, granddaughter’s, ripening fruit, fresh fruit, hazy sunshine and misty

MORNINGS. For Mellow fruitfulness, the Goose fair, a loving family, knitting, spinning,mushrooms, nuts and the wind. For sharing food, squirrels with nuts, evergreen trees, fruit trees, PEACE and prayers for world peace. For our full stomachs, falling leaves, rainbows, LIGHTING THE FIRE, warm firers, Crackling FIRES and woolly jumpers.

For candle light and the Aga back on. For Fireworks, Crispy mornings, togetherness, bonfire toffee, generosity and red leaves. For FOOD, home, cold walks wet walks and walks in the woods. For hope and morning mist over the fields. For frosty mornings, for bedsocks out, red sunsets in, warm clothes, family birthdays and faith.

To be alive and share, birds, tea, cold, size, grandchildren,boiled eggs and people. For books, sunshine and CHILDREN.

To see and hear all the good things. For slippers, baked potatoes, friendship. God’s LOVE. Gardens sunny days, good HEALTH, relative health, kindness, thankfulness. God’s goodness, God’s care. Our Harvest.

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