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I believe the Church of England got it wrong when it came to the closure of our churches. I think we should have at least tried to create a situation where it was possible to allow people to find a space for prayer and reflection in our churches; worse was the decision initially not to allow clergy to stream their online services from a church building.

What does it say of a Church that says it is committed to every community in the country when we literally shut up shop and go online? While I have admitted that “virtual church” does not really do it for me, I recognise and applaud the tremendous effort and creativity that has emerged with streamed services.

Online worship has apparently drawn in an extraordinarily large and diverse fringe, with a quarter of the UK population having tuned in to at least one of our services (and a still larger proportion of younger people).

A recent correspondent has reminded me of the original meaning of the word ‘broadcast’ – that it was first an agricultural term, referring to the practice of scattering seeds rather than planting them in drills or furrows.

And while that was a somewhat wasteful approach (as Jesus’ Parable of the Sower demonstrates) it is clear that at this time when we have been forced to broadcast our services we are reaching a far wider audience than before, whatever the merits of our more normal practice of meticulously planting the seed along the rows of pews! In the ‘new normal’ will we have to be both in church and online?

Geoffrey Marshall.


As a church we take safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults very seriously. If you have any concerns or queries, however small, please contact our vicar Rev. Kate Plant 01332 834928 / kateplant2610@gmail.com or safeguarding lead Chris Doyle on 07867 994181 / christineann123@btinternet.com.


Ref: 2020-051686 Church: Morley St Matthew

Diocese Derby Archdeaconry: Derby

In the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Derby

Church of Morley: St Matthew

In the Parish of Morley

NOTICE IS GIVEN that we are applying to the Consistory Court of the diocese for permission to carry out the following:

“To undertake the installation of new heating system in accordance with the quotation from M T Buxton, Plumbing & Heating Contractor dated 1 May 2020, except that the thermal economisers will be omitted and the heater proposed high level heater will now be positioned at low level behind the font. The other three heaters will be positioned (1) on the north wall of the north aisle in the chancel chapel (where the old clock mechanism presently stands – this free standing item will be relocated within the church), (2) on the west wall of the north aisle immediately inside from the boiler, and (3) on the south wall of the south aisle (this will involve repositioning the free standing pew that is against that wall.”

Due to the current Covid-19 Emergency and under The Public Notice Direction of the Chancellor (Revised April 6th 2020) we are not able to make a full display of details of the proposed work available to the public ‘materially’. However, interested parties may obtain copies of relevant documents by applying to

Sheila Randall, Church Warden at se.randall@btinternet.com or on application to the Priest in Charge: Kate Plant on 01332 834928 or viewed on https://facultyonline.churchofengland.org/public-notices


  1. Miss Sheila Randall, Church Warden
  2. Mr Geoffrey Wallage, Church Warden
  3. The Revd Kate Plant, Priest in Charge

13 July 2020

If you wish to object to any works or proposals you should send a letter stating the grounds of your objection to The Diocesan Registrar at

Eddowes Waldron
12 St Peter’s Churchyard

so that your letter reaches the registrar not later than10 August 2020. A letter of objection must include your name and address and state whether you live in the parish and /or your name is entered on the church electoral roll of the parish or any other basis on which you have an interest in the matter.

This notice will also be displayed for a continuous period of 28 days on:

The Parish Council Notice Boards

Morley Church Website: https://morley-church.co.uk
The Church Porch Notice Board
and emailed to PCC and other congregation members where possible

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