Welcome to St Matthew’s Church in Morley, Derbyshire.

The Revd Kate Plant introduces herself:

I write this on Palm Sunday. Easter is nearly upon us and I move to Derby in two weeks. I am full of joy at the thought of being with you all.

I have been asked to write something of myself so very briefly I was born in Ashbourne. We lived in London for the first 6 years of my life, but came then to live in Derbyshire. As a student and later as a mother I lived in Yorkshire with Tom and our three children Joseph, Jack and Hester. I have worked briefly as a primary school teacher. I wasn’t very good at that!

Then I worked with asylum seekers and later on in Community Cohesion generally. I ended up working for first Sheffield and then the Bradford Diocese as a Social Responsibility Officer. My mother is a priest, though retired now and I have worshiped with my local church wherever I have lived except for 8 years spent with the Quakers. Lovely and quiet. I trained at the College of the Resurrection and then moved for my curacy to Holbeach in the fens in Lincolnshire. I am a little bit dyslexic and little bit scruffy, I have a large dog and both of us should brush our hair more! I mind a lot about family, social justice and the environment. I like to garden, walk and read whilst I eat crisps in the bath. I like to sew things together and try new recipes. I have one grandson and another due in July.

God has walked with me with much mercy, forgiveness and kindness and has been the golden thread guiding me through winding ways. Now I am returning to my home county, I will be near my parents, the vicarage is lovely, I am excited by the challenge of three very different parishes and everyone I have met so far has been welcoming and warm.

But Palm Sunday is not straight forward. In the crowd’s great cry of ‘Hosanna!’ there are premonitions of a different cry just five days away. I must admit to being nervous. Will expectations be too high? Will I let people down? Will I manage the admin? Will I remember all those new names?

Well we shall see. What I do know is that as well as holding tightly to my own golden thread I am coming to meet all the experience and wisdom of you, who have also walked with God and there is great peace and delight in pondering what we will weave together.

Very much looking forward to being with you!