Monthly Letter

1st February 2024 by Rev Kate Plant

When you row, you nearly always row backwards – sculling I think it's called – and it means that you see how the past unfolds, which is good – but limiting. When you Kyack (and yes, this is to be the vicar’s thing in 2024) you face forwards. You feel less stable, you are lower in the water – but there is an energy and an excitement about what is next to be.

Every year I ask myself how January can be so very long – its not just that it starts on Boxing day, is still dark, is still cold/wet – none of us have any money and the news is still bad. It’s not just that. Janus’ month, I believe, has us looking both ways, backwards as well as forwards. Perhaps we might call it scalking – and, as such we haven’t yet really let go or committed to what will happen next. After a while, its tiring and ineffective.

Here oh here finally is February! Shoots coming up – birds on the move – moments of warmth, longer light. Finally we can properly turn to face whatever lies ahead – leaving the past to manage itself for a while. Candlemas at the beginning of February prompts us to turn and carry the light of what has been out into the future. Lift your head – sniff the breeze and lets start to paddle!