Welcome to St Matthew’s Church in Morley, Derbyshire.

A busy time ahead!

Lovely, lovely Advent is here. The rumblings of the prophets will begin at our Advent Service on the 28th of November (4pm St Matthew’s) and the hum of expectancy and joy will build as the days unfold. Advent is beautifully long this year because of Christmas Day being on a Saturday. This is an excellent thing because with the warnings of COP ringing in our ears, we are challenged to make a season that has been one of great and possibly careless consumption, into one that seeks in, every aspect, to be life giving and not wasteful. And this takes time.

Luckily the skills for this are rich in Smalley and Morley. Between us we can grow things, make things, upcycle things. I also think that our experience of Lockdown will come to our aid. We recognise the value of time spent with one another and the need for different experiences rather than bucket loads of new stuff.

For some though, the anticipation of joy is not a given. The need not to waste has become critical. There are families and individuals in our midst who are genuinely having to choose whether to ‘heat or eat’ mainly because of rocketing fuel prices. Though other factors also have come into play. A young member of Smalley community group, distressed by the thought of this, is courageously attempting to put together food parcels for Christmas (working with schools and social services) and if you would like to donate or help please do contact me on 01332 834928.

St Matthew’s Church itself is pondering a bit of upcycling. If you live in the parish you will have received a letter describing our vision of rearranging the interior of the church a little to allow it to be used more flexibly by the community and visitors. Now that we are warm (thanks to so many people’s generosity) we know the Church is too precious a resource to keep just for ourselves on a Sunday morning. We want it to be a resource and asset for many. A place where community can be built and needs met. But we are few, so will need help – not financial (can you believe it?!), but with ideas, skills and time to help us oversee the change. I would be grateful if you have not received a survey (or lost it!) if you could ring or email me (kateplant2610@gmail.com) with answers to these 3 questions by mid December please:

  • What activities or events might you enjoy that could happen inside a (rearranged) church?
  • What gifts of time, talent, energy or interest do you think you could bring to this project?
  • Would you be willing to be part of a small steering group to help oversee the project and the setting up of practical systems of day-to-day management? Or help with part of this work?

Jesus came that we might have life in its fullness with one another – not to be buried under unnecessary possessions.
Jesus came that neighbours should be loved and the hungry should be fed.
Jesus came to show us the face of God and we find it to be love.
Jesus came as light in the darkness – whatever that darkness looks like.
In all the bustle of the next month, let our decisions and choices be guided by the one whose birth we celebrate and may all in Morley and Smalley hum with Joy this Christmas.

With Love Rev Kate Plant



As a church we take safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults very seriously. If you have any concerns or queries, however small, please contact our vicar Rev. Kate Plant 01332 834928 / kateplant2610@gmail.com or safeguarding lead Chris Doyle on 07867 994181 / christineann123@btinternet.com. Hannah Hogg, Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, Report a concern, 01332 388678.


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