The Patronage Scheme was first introduced in 2012 to help with maintaining the churchyard, the lawn in front of the church and the car park next to the church entrance together with a contribution towards the maintenance of the drive and the car park beyond Well Cottage.

In 2017 the cost of grass-cutting and essential work on the bushes and trees totalled approximately £2,000.

The Church wants the lawn area at the front of the church to be seen as a community facility. The Church uses it to bring the community together for events such as the garden party but we are considering other events that we could hold there. We could also allow other organisations in the village to use it for their own events. Each of these would have to be considered on its merits, ensuring that it was appropriate for its context next to the church and that it did not cause problems for our neighbours.

We are now looking to increase the number of Sponsors who will give an annual donation commemorating an important event in their lives – a birthday, wedding anniversary, a baptism or the death of a family member or friend.

We hope that you will feel able to support this scheme and if you wish to include the name of the person or the event you are commemorating and the date, please include the details on the Patronage Scheme form enclosed. We will then remember you in church on the nearest Sunday. We are suggesting a gift of £30 each year but whatever you are able to give will be most gratefully received.

You can, of course, commemorate more than one special occasion and give a gift for each of these. If you are an income tax payer the Church will also receive an additional 25% from the Inland Revenue, at no extra cost to you, if you tick the Gift Aid box on the enclosed form. If you wish to help the Church and the Community by joining the Patronage Scheme, please complete the form and send it to:

Mrs Margaret Knifton, Morley PCC Treasurer, Smithy Farm, Morley, Ilkeston DE7 6DF

At the end of each year we will send you a newsletter giving an account of how the Patronage Scheme money is being used.

If you are able to help please download and print-off the Patronage Scheme Form

Click here to download the Patronage Scheme Form