Event details

  • Tuesday | 27th February 2024
  • All Day


Many villages in Derbyshire and surrounding counties have an “Open Garden” event where villagers open their gardens for the public to view.

We successfully ran the event in Morley in 2017, 2019 and 2021 with the funds raised going towards the upkeep of St Matthew’s Church.
The planned date for Morley Open Gardens 2023 is the weekend of 1st/2nd July 2023.

For the event to be viable we need at least 10 gardens to be open, but any number up to 30 would work well. In 2021 we had 25 gardens.
We are again looking for people to volunteer to open their garden for that one weekend in 2023. A range of gardens is needed, large or small, neat or wild, with any of the following being ideal:

  • flower gardens
  • landscaped gardens
  • vegetable gardens or allotments
  • scenic gardens with a view
  • wildlife gardens
  • historic gardens
  • orchard/woodland gardens
  • gardens under construction
  • ponds and bog gardens
  • front gardens, back gardens or both
  •  childfriendly (family) gardens
  • gardens providing refreshments

There is no minimum standard, and no judging. If you like gardening, your garden will be interesting to visitors.
As the summer progresses, we will start the detailed planning, but there will be a startup meeting in St Matthew’s Church at 7.30pm on Monday March 6th 2023 to assess interest and ask any questions.

For now, though, put the date of July 1st/2nd in your diary, and let me know if you would like to take part. That will help me with the advance planning, but noone is committed to take part until we print the programmes in midJune. Just enjoy gardening in the meantime, as soon as it warms up a bit! 

With expressions of interest, or any queries, please contact Martin Jackson on 01332883542 or